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Marty's message

Marty Burlsworth is available to appear at special events as his schedule allows. Now, more than ever, with the success of GREATER, he enjoys meeting the fans of his brother Brandon and encouraging others to “Do it the Burls Way”.


public speaking

Marty is an engaging speaker who presents a strong message of character, commitment, hard work and dedication that resonates with young and old alike. A deep dedication to our nations youth is a high priority of the Burlsworth family. 

podcast interviews

Marty and Vickie both have recorded multiple interviews on podcasts across the nation. They love to interact with people of all communities and podcast interviews have become a wonderful outlet for that. 

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Marty's message

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school appearances

Marty's wife, Vickie is also available to speak when their schedule allows. Majority of the time she will join him for school appearances. Vickie's love for children is hard to escape! 


Monthly motivations 

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