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The Burls Kids

Putting Kids First is what we do!

Kids attending Razorback game
Burls Kids at the Stadium

The Burls Kids, our signature program, started in 2000. The Burls Kids became Brandon’s goal when he knew the NFL would be in his future. He wanted to make an impact on the children who grew up with family hardships and to give back to the community. The BrandonBurlsworth Foundation buys 30 tickets to each Arkansas Razorback home football game. Each week a different group of underprivileged children across the state are treated to the experience of a lifetime, seeing the Razorbacks for the very first time. Groups are chosen on a first come, first served basis each summer by local Razorback Clubs and other UA affiliated clubs.

The group is sent a DVD of the movie, “Greater”, and copies of the book, “Through the Eyes of a Champion, the Brandon Burlsworth Story”, before game-day so they can watch and be familiar with his story.

Brandon's locker in the Hall of Honor
Visiting Brandons Locker

On game day, the Burls kids are each given their own #77 jersey, replica glasses similar to what Brandon wore on the field, wristbands, and goodie bags. The girls from the Delta Gamma Sorority take them on a special tour of the University of Arkansas where they can view the Hall of Honor, are shown Brandon’s encased locker, and get to catch a glimpse of the Burlsworth Trophy on display. Then they get to go down on the field, meet the Razorback’s mascot, Tusk, and get their brag books signed by the UA Cheerleaders. From there they are escorted to the "Burls Kids" section in Reynolds Razorback Stadium and given vouchers for concessions donated by the University.

During the game, they are shown on the video board and announced to the entire stadium. It is an experience that any child [or adult] would envy. The letters and thank you cards we receive because of this program are heartfelt and the kids have one day that they will never forget.

Meeting the mascot!
Burls Kids on the field

Burls Kids are also present at all home Indianapolis Colts games where Brandon was drafted to play for the Indianapolis Colts just days before his tragic death. At every home game, 8 underprivileged kids from across the state of Indiana and 2 sponsors get to enjoy the excitement of an NFL game!

The cost for every Burls Kid is $150. There are 210 Burls Kids in Arkansas and 100 Burls Kids in Indianapolis. To sponsor a Burls Kid, click here.

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